Notice History

Welcome to Notice History, the podcast where we explore the ways we encounter and interact with history in our daily lives. Join Robin, Nick, and Keely as they delve into the fun and fascinating histories of past people, places, and things that continue to impact us today. By taking notice of these histories, we hope to achieve a better understanding of ourselves and the culture we live in.



Nick Bridges

Nick Bridges is an Associate at Know History. He graduated with an MA from Guelph in 2016, having written a thesis on the history of landscape tourism in Ireland; you should read his thesis. In Nick’s spare time, he enjoys speaking Irish, reading, and yelling at the TV while watching the Buffalo Sabres lose hockey games.  Nick has funneled much of his recent time into personal genealogy, affirming the fact that his family is extremely English.  Nick’s friends are sick of his constant blabber about historical topics and think that Notice History is an outlet that will spare their ears a lot of damage.


Keely McCavitt

Keely McCavitt is an Associate at Know History, and a graduate from the University of Western Ontario where she received her BFA in studio arts, and her MA in Art History with a focus on Museum Studies and Collections Management. Working on this podcast enables McCavitt to do two things she loves simultaneously: learning something new, and having a great laugh. Outside of her historical research she has worn many different hats including florist-in-training; multimedia artist; sun hat; Museum aficionado; urban gardener; and hot sauce connoisseur. Originally from London Ontario, McCavitt is star-struck every time she passes the Peace Tower, and is convinced that the automated voice-overs on the buses were recorded by Justin Trudeau.

Robin Mullins


Robin Mullins is an Associate at Know History, with an MA in public history from Carleton University. Her research experience includes really popular topics, such as Lower Canadian history and the history of niche high-tech patents. The Notice History podcast allows Robin to learn more about her favourite topics, while also introducing her to new ones. If drinking tea was a sport, Robin would be a decorated Olympic athlete. Robin is also the most intense fan of Gilmore Girls you will ever meet.


Image Credit: Unidentified man reading into CKWX microphone/Steffens-Colmer Studios Ltd./City of Vancouver Archives/AM281-S8-: CVA 180-3927.