Episode 17 - Social Media and the Holocaust, with Meghan Lundrigan

November 5, 2018

About the Episode

Guest host Meghan Lundigran, a PhD candidate at Carleton University, explores the ways in which social media informs visitor experience and engagement with Holocaust memorials, museums, and historic sites. In particular, she studies the dissemination of Holocaust memory through digital image-sharing platforms such as Instagram.


See below for links to some of the projects and issues discussed during this episode.

  2. For a screenshot of Breanna Mitchell’s tweet sharing a selfie taken at Auschwitz, see this article from the Washington Post.
  3. Stolpersteine Project. 
  4. To find examples of Holocaust social media hashtags, search Instagram for #holocaustmuseum, #holocaustmemorial, or #holocaust.


Hosts: Robin Mullins, Nick Bridges, Keely McCavitt

Guest Host: Meghan Lundrigan

Audio Editing: Emily Cuggy and Robin Mullins

Image Credit: View of the memorial at Auschwitz-Birkenau. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Adam Kaczkowski.