Halloween Double Feature: Victorian Death & Mourning Rituals and the Spiritualist Movement

October 31, 2019


Traditional haunted houses, the Addams Family, Dracula, a crow sitting atop a gravestone, a widow wearing a black veil—there is no denying that Halloween has a distinctive aesthetic, and that aesthetic is distinctly Victorian.

In this spook-tacular Halloween special, we treat you to two episodes on the Victorian age (no tricks from our dear listeners required).

In the first episode, our hosts Keely and Robin look at Victorian death and mourning rituals. Then the tables turn, and the ghosts begin to play as Robin is joined by her fellow Notice History producer Emily Cuggy to explore Victorian spiritualism and the origins of the wider spiritualist movement.

With science, exploration, and discovery on the rise while the superstitions of the past were not yet laid to rest, the Victorians created a unique relationship with death and dying. This is a relationship that continues to influence us today. So, join us as we notice these spooky histories.


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Hosts: Robin Mullins, Keely McCavitt, Emily Cuggy

Producers: Robin Mullins and Emily Cuggy

Researchers: MacKenzie Brash, Samantha Clark, Emily Cuggy, Skylee-Storm Hogan, Keely McCavitt, Casandra Masse, Beth Sollis

Audio Editing: Keely McCavitt and Emily Cuggy

Web Content: Casandra Masse

Image Credit:  D & E Lake Ltd. / Library and Archives Canada / Four Views in Peterboro[sic], Ontario. Canada: The Cemetery with peep of the Lake 1873-1874.