S2E9: History at Work – Danny Doyle, Parks Canada Conservator

June 6, 2019


In the penultimate episode of our History at Work series, Keely and Nick are joined by Parks Canada conservator Danny Doyle. Danny is also a published author, archaeologist, Irish language speaker, and all-around Renaissance man.

Danny has worked on a wide variety of artifacts, but his specialty is in human remains. He discusses how to balance ethics with conservation practice when working with human remains, and compares human remains conservation with the conservation of other artifacts. He also explores what conservators mean when they talk about “intangible” issues concerning artifacts. With experience working in Canada, Egypt, Ireland, and the United States, Danny answers whether there are differences between Canadian conservation practices and the approach of other countries.

Join Danny and our hosts as they “notice” the practice of conserving our history.

About Our Guest

Danny Doyle (Dónall Ó Dubhghaill) holds a Masters in Art Conservation, specializing in archaeological objects and the conservation of human remains. He has worked in various institutions, including the Smithsonian Institution, the iron-age ring fort of Cathair Conaill in Co. Clare, Ireland, and the pharonic cemetery of Abydos in Egypt. He is employed as a conservator with the Government of Canada. Mr. Doyle is also a fluent speaker of Irish Gaelic, and teaches the Irish language in the Ottawa high school system. His first peer-reviewed book, Míle Míle i gCéin: The Irish Language in Canada, was published by Borealis Press in 2015.


  • You can find Danny Doyle’s book, Míle Míle i gCéin: The Irish Language in Canada, here.
  • Learn more about Parks Canada.
  • You can learn more about the Smithsonian here.


Hosts: Nick Bridges and Keely McCavitt

Guest Host: Danny Doyle

Producers: Robin Mullins and Emily Cuggy

Audio Editing: Emily Cuggy

Web Content: Casandra Masse