Chimney Bay

Chapter 1: What's in a Name?

September 28, 2021

"Schiondekiaria. Aapmendinaagog. Prince William Henry Island. Beausoleil Island. This is a place with as many stories as it has names."

Welcome to Beausoleil Island! In the first chapter of Rooted, you will be transported to beautiful Georgian Bay. Step onto the shores of Beausoleil Island and be introduced to its rich history, learn the meaning behind its many names, and become emersed in the sounds of the environment.

Honeymoon Bay, 1986







1. The iconic windswept pines at Chimney Bay in the north end of Beausoleil Island. Courtesy Lis Edwards.

2. Camping on Beausoleil Island, Georgian Bay Islands National Park, 1986 – Photo © Parks Canada/Barrett & MacKay. From: Network in Canadian History and Environment. 

3. A map of Beausoleil Island, circa 1937. From: Library and Archives Canada, RG10M 78903/78, item 3697062, file 176296-89B. 

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