Ogitchidawkwe Naaniibwe Rocks

Chapter 3: Wendake

September 28, 2021

"I'm carrying on a tradition that my ancestors did long ago." - Shawn Corbiere, Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Join Indigenous interpreter Shawn Corbiere as he teaches the art of flint knapping – a method of crafting stone tools that is thousands of years old. Flint knapping was used to craft projectile points like those found on Beausoleil Island. Archeologist Jamie Hunter guides listeners through a brief history of Huron-Wendat settlements around the island.

Ducreux's Map of Huronia, 1660



About Our Guests:

Shawn Corbiere

Shawn Corbiere is Ojibwe from M’Chigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. Shawn is the Indigenous Outreach Officer for Georgian Bay Islands National Park, where he sits on the Cultural Advisory Circle and facilitates connections between Parks Canada and local Indigenous communities and organizations.

Jamie Hunter

Jamie Hunter has been interested in the archaeology and history of the region known as Huronia/ Georgian Bay for nearly 60 years. He obtained a BSc in archaeology from Trent University  and  a Masters of Museum Studies and Archaeology from the University of Toronto.He has participated on over 100 archaeological projects in the area and was Curator of Research at Sainte Marie among the Hurons for 4 years and Director/Curator of Huronia Museum and the Huron/Wendat Village for 30 years. After retirement in 2013 Jamie has continued to write,research and publish on Huronia's past in its many forms from underwater shipwrecks to land projects on a variety of topics.He is presently working on two major projects which if they come to fruition should add  significantly to the history of Huronia in terms of collections and curation of this areas fascinating human history.

Jamie is holding the first Indigineous artifact that he found in 1964 as a camper at Camp Kitchikewana. It is a triangular chert arrowhead that he picked up at the site and helped lead him to a career in  archaeology and historical preservation.

  • Visit Sainte Marie Among the Hurons for more information about Wendake and the history of the Wendat. 
  • Watch Shawn's full flint knapping demonstration on YouTube. From: Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants. 

  1. The Ogitchidawke Naaniibwe Rocks off the south-eastern shore of Beausoleil Island. From: Daniel Clements, 2011
  2. Ducreux's Map of Huronia, circa 1660. Beausoleil Island or Schiondekiaria is visible as the third island to the left of Gahandoe, known today as Christian Island. From: Ontario Archeological Society, Huronia Chapter. 
  3. Inside a recreated Wendat Longhouse at the Huronia Museum in Midland, Ontario. From: CanaGuide Tourism. 
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