Archival Services

Countless historical documents are held in archives across the country, documenting everything from major political changes to environmental shifts to the lives of everyday families. Our associates are experts at finding, contextualizing and analyzing these valuable records.

Finding hidden treasures that bring the past to life

Our team of qualified historians has completed over 100,000 hours of research in archives and digital repositories throughout Canada. We have experience working with a wide range of historical documents, from diaries, handwritten letters and maps to legal, government and parish records. These sources provide glimpses into otherwise inaccessible moments from the past, bringing museum exhibits, corporate histories and historical narratives to life. 

Mining big data to answer big questions
We also work with clients to answer complex questions about the past that often require thousands of pieces of archival evidence. We rely on systematic methods to comprehensively collect this material and draw on digital solutions to deep-mine sources. After collecting and digitizing these documents we catalogue them in our customized online databases. These databases can be used to create document collections and powerful data visualizations that allow researchers to examine many historical connections at once. Our associates can also summarize and analyze this historical data in written reports for publication, litigation or planning purposes.

Services Provided

  • Archival research
  • Access to information requests
  • Analytical report writing
  • Copyright negotiations
  • Gap analysis
  • Government and private records consultation
  • Photographic and cartographic research
  • Literature review
  • Research planning
  • Video and media research

Image Credit: Library and Archives Canada / C-008891.