Genealogical Research

More than tracing one’s ancestors, genealogical research can provide insight into historic communities and kinship networks. Examined on a large scale, it illustrates demographic patterns, familial ties, kinship practices, and collective behaviour and traditions. Comprehensive genealogical analysis supports Indigenous rights assertion and self-determination and is essential to developing and maintaining accurate, efficient registries for Indigenous groups. This research can also be an important resource in land claims proceedings by documenting the settlement and land use of historic communities.

A deep and wide approach

Know History specializes in large-scale genealogical research projects. We are experts at locating, organizing, and interpreting genealogical records from repositories across Canada and beyond. Using customized technology, we can effectively catalogue and retrieve information from thousands of documents at once. We incorporate geographic information systems (GIS) technology and social network analysis to visualize and better analyze historical patterns.

Accurate Indigenous histories from multiple sources
We have extensive experience — more than any other historical services firm in Canada – in tracing Indigenous genealogy. We are adept at navigating the challenges presented by colonial record-keeping, especially when it comes to the nuances of Indigenous mobility and naming practices. Know History recognizes the importance of oral traditions and facilitates oral history interviews and community workshops to complement archival research.

Technologies that link the present with the past
Know History designs custom databases for genealogical research. We developed and maintain a database of 20,000 citizens for the Métis Nation of Ontario that uses innovative technology to not only process registry files and store documents, but also to facilitate the analysis of the contemporary Métis community and its intricate linkages to historic communities. We take pride in working closely with our clients to ensure that our research can be applied in diverse and inventive ways.

Services Provided

  • Family and community tree development
  • Social network analysis
  • Research requests
  • Archival research
  • Document collections
  • Bibliographies
  • Claims support
  • Registries

Image Credit: City of Vancouver / CVA 677-134.