Image Research

Historical images, such as photographs, paintings and prints, contain intricacies that are not captured in written text. Know History has expertise in finding these visual records and uncovering the historical knowledge stored within them. 

Finding–and telling–stories in pictures

Our associates are familiar with major photographic holdings across the country, as well as online digital repositories. We have sourced images for numerous projects including print publications, documentaries, museum exhibitions, memorials, commemorations, and promotional material. Know History can work with clients to uncover vibrant photographs that explore a particular time or place in depth, to illustrate a book or curate large photographic collections.

We can also work with clients to digitize their own photographic collections, and preserve and organize these images into digital databases, making them accessible for a wide range of projects and audiences.

Placing images in accurate historical context
Photographs are powerful historical sources, but they can also be misleading. Our historians dig deep into the metadata of each photograph and the historical period, to truly understand each image and the context in which it was created. We can provide our analysis in short photograph descriptions or large reports, depending on the goals of the project.

Copyright and credit lines
Know History ensures that the images we source comply with Canada’s copyright legislation. We also liaise with archivists to ensure that proper credit lines accompany each image. This technical knowledge and experience are vital, as an incorrectly used image can jeopardize an entire project or lead to legal issues.

Services Provided

  • Archival research
  • Image cataloguing and metadata tagging
  • Caption writing
  • Rights and usage negotiations
  • Background historical research




Image Credit: Library and Archives Canada / E00862209.