Registries and Membership Lists

Digital registries are an essential tool for Indigenous groups exercising their right to self-determination and self-government. A registry database that is based on solid genealogical evidence can be used to process applications, store and update data, and determine membership. It eliminates the duplication of work, reduces the chance of error, and makes it possible to efficiently collect, store and assess vast quantities of information.

Building and managing massive databases

Know History is the only historical research firm in Canada that can design customized registry systems that connect the present with the past. We developed and currently operate registries with more than 20,000 members for Indigenous communities. We work closely with each client to find the best solutions for storing, updating and interpreting membership information. We use innovative technology to build genealogical connections that trace contemporary individuals to their ancestors and historical communities.

Secure, reliable tools for Indigenous communities

The registries we create include a built-in function to assess files and determine membership status. They also generate comprehensive reports on everything from file status to genealogy or residential information, making it easy to retrieve and analyze data. Our systems are securely encrypted and our associates adhere to strict confidentiality standards to ensure that information is protected.

Services Provided

  • Database development
  • Database maintenance
  • Digitization
  • File processing and assessment
  • Client training
  • Registry review


Image Credit: City of Vancouver / CVA 99-2054.