Traditional Knowledge and Land Use Studies

Traditional knowledge refers to the sacred knowledge and practices that are central to the identity of many Indigenous groups. Passed down orally from generation to generation, traditional knowledge may include spirituality, beliefs, customs, language, oral history, folklore, land use, and social relationships. It is an important component in environmental assessments and resource development.

Our community-based, meticulous process

Know History designs and facilitates traditional knowledge and land use (TKLU) studies for Indigenous communities. From organizing, conducting, and transcribing interviews to processing audio-visual material and mapping data, Know History manages every step of the process.

When it comes to sharing the results of TKLU studies, we provide our clients with a final report and will deliver presentations to community members if requested. We also prepare technical reviews for environmental assessments and resource development.

A respectful, collaborative approach

We carry out our work with the full approval and oversight of the community and operate under strict privacy guidelines. Know History associates bring a deep respect for the cultural knowledge of interviewees, and invite community members onto our project teams so that they can directly participate in collecting this knowledge, thereby facilitating Indigenous ownership and control. Our associates also lead community-based training sessions to equip members with the tools to take on future TKLU studies. Many of these sessions focus on providing Indigenous youth with the capacity to document and share knowledge of and with their communities.

Services Provided

  • Project design
  • Valued ecological component identification
  • Interview development
  • Oral history interviews and transcription
  • Digital mapping
  • Audio-video recording
  • Map preparation
  • Report writing
  • Presentations to stakeholders

Image Credit: Canada Department of Manpower and Immigration / Library and Archives Canada / e010982334.