Indigenous Communities

Our team is committed to a respectful understanding of Indigenous histories. We partner with First Nations, Métis and Inuit clients to conduct large-scale inquiries into Indigenous history using multiple sources, including archives, traditional knowledge and land use studies, and oral history interviews. Using innovative tools, we present historical data in engaging, understandable ways for a range of audiences, from social network analysis (SNA) graphs to historical documentaries.

Some Indigenous communities use our expert reports or request our analysis or expert witness testimony in legal proceedings related to their treaty rights or resource development on their lands. For others, we have developed and operate customized registries with more than 20,000 members, linking contemporary rights holders to their ancestors and their historical communities. We have also created cultural exhibits and materials to educate visitors and attract tourism to Indigenous communities.

To find out more about our Indigenous-focused services, please visit our Know Indigenous History website


Image Credit: Haina Village (1879). Community members and visitors pose in front of houses and monuments.